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Seniors' care

Seniors' care

We can sustain our health care system — here’s how

With good policy it is possible to both provide better care, and reduce costs. This can be done, for example, by developing better, integrated systems of care delivery for older adults and people with disabilities. Please read more by clicking on title.

Population aging and the evolving care needs of older Canadians

Gerontologist Neena Chappell provides a timely overview of the main health and social policy challenges presented by population aging in three areas: informal care, formal care, and prevention. Please read more by clicking on title.

Improving care for seniors will improve health care for everyone - CCPA-BC report

B.C. seniors face continued reductions in access to key home and community care services, with serious consequences for hospital overcrowding and wait times for all citizens. Please read more by clicking on title.

Integrated Models for Delivering Care to Frail Seniors

The panel consisted of four people who had direct experience in organizing and delivering more integrated and comprehensive care to frail elders in their communities. Integrated Care Advocacy group, mentioned here in this link, determined to make integrated community-based home support care a major priority in the next provincial election in BC. Please read more by clicking on title.

Comprehensive Home Option for Integrated Care of the Elderly (CHOICE)

Comprehensive Home Option for Integrated Care of the Elderly (CHOICE) is a unique coordinated care program which works to keep older people healthy and living at home.

CHOICE provides a full range of medical, social and supportive services including: a day centre, medical monitoring and treatment, medication dispensing, rehabilitation, transportation, 24 hour phone number, and in home personal care assistance. The program's mandate is to serve seniors with multiple health problems and/or those requiring coordination of their care to remain living at home.

Please read more by clicking on title.

A prescription for health care reform: think integration & collaboration

For the full report see Beyond the Hospital Walls: Activity Based Funding Versus Integrated Health Care Reform.

How does BC healthcare funding compare to other provinces?

For the full report see Marcy Cohen's report, Caring for BC’s Aging Population, July 2012, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives.

BC Ombudsperson releases roadmap for seniors care

The much-anticipated final report by BC Ombudsperson Kim Carter on her investigation into the crisis in seniors care was released last week. With 176 recommendations, "The Best of Care: Getting It Right for Seniors in British Columbia (Part 2)" outlines measures for improving quality, accessibility, and accountability in home and community care, in particular for home support services, assisted living, and residential care. Please read more by clicking on title.Care plan 'an insult to seniors,' Fraser says

The Liberal government is being criticized for failing to take clear and immediate steps to implement the B.C. Ombudsperson's recommendations to establish quality care standards in residential care facilities. Please read more by clicking on title.

Stanford Place nurse suspended for speaking out

The Hospital Employees' Union is demanding the immediate reinstatement of one of its members who has been suspended without pay for speaking at a Jan. 19 public meeting in Parksville on the state of seniors' care. Please read more by clicking on title.

Disturbing report on elder care could make Liberals squirm

During a tour of the province in 2008, B.C. ombudsman Kim Carter encountered a frustrated, angry and often scared faction of the population: seniors living in residential care.

The shocking numbers of those appealing for her help prompted Ms. Carter to launch a fulsome investigation into the system that was spawning the complaints. On Tuesday, the most extensive – and disturbing – examination of the state of seniors’ care in the province landed in the B.C. Legislature with the kind of thud that often portends trouble for a sitting government. Please read more by clicking on title.

Assisted living has its risks

There is no simple solution here. The demand for assisted-living suites on Vancouver Island is far exceeded by the need for more long-term-care beds that offer higher levels of care. If Island Health had more money, it would almost certainly be used to build more of the latter.

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